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Who Am I & What I Do?

This is Rubelhossain99 a skilled Seo & WordPress Expert. I’m a Full-Time Worker in the Upwork and Fiverr. I have Already Done 265+ Seo and WordPress Project. I am a Seo expert in Bangladesh.


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Why would you hire me?

I have been working with SEO Expert in Bangladesh with WordPress for the last 4+ years. Already completed 265+ WordPress and SEO projects. By the grace of Allah, many clients are still working with me.

I’m working at Fulltime Upwork and Fiverr. I have 11 members who work with me and provide great service to me and my clients.

I’ll give you that SEO service.

* Keyword Selection Steps:

1) Find a Topic
2) Research keywords and make a list
3) Select the Best keywords
a) Good Search Volume
b) Low Competition

* Content Creation

1) Use your analytics
a) Facebook
b) Instagram
c) Buffer customers

2) Ask your audience
3) Learn from your industry peers
4) Use a research tool
5) Create marketing personas
6) Experiment with Jobs To Be Done

* On-page Optimization

1) Title tag optimization
2) Introduction, Body, Conclusion
3) Keyword Prominence (KW no top 100 Words)
4) Using h1,h2,h3 tags
5) Using Short Paragraph
6) Put Gaps Between lines
7) Make is thorough

* Off Page Optimization