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A very bad step for the HTTPS Error website. If https Errors on your website, you’ll never get a good SEO Performance from Google. That’s why HTTP must be resolved. “https redirects to http” This blog will play a very important role for you to solve https error. Please read the full blog carefully, I hope you can solve your problem.

What is the first HTTP? And I’ll give you an idea of how HTTP works. Because what is the HTTP? And how HTTP might not have an idea of the job.

What is the first HTTP?: https full form “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” that protects a website from hackers. If a hacker wants to hack into your website or destroy the website, it is easy to protect the website if you use this HTTP. This is basically the main thing for HTTPS.

https full form “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”

How does the Internet work? How does the web work? These questions are very common. The Beginners always have such questions in their minds. There are many other questions about web development that the Beginners can’t find easy answers to, the configuration works. My tutorial series will answer all the questions in the minds of the Beginners.

In this Post, I try to explain how the web works, what happens when we search with a link to the browser? Where is the difference between the Internet and the web? What is a web server? What is the DNS server? What’s the front end? What’s the back end? What is API? What is HTTP? How does the browser work? What is a Single Page Application? What are progressive web apps? There are many more videos in the whole series.


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