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What is Adobe Illustrator?

Before working with Illustrator it is very important for us to know what it is and how it works. This is software that allows you to easily create any design that is very important to us in real life.

There is another software like this software, called Adobe Photoshop I will always recommend you, before learning Adobe-Illustrator, you must learn Adobe Photoshop.

Because Adobe Illustrator is advanced level, and Adobe Photoshop is the level of software for beginners. Adobe Photoshop can do well, so of course, you can easily learn Illustrator.

All the categories that can be designed with this software

adobe Illustrator

Download this software

We permit you to download this software for free. Because this software can be downloaded to different types of websites, there are many problems. You can download it very easily from our website.

Today, this software can be used primarily for Windows. If your PC and laptop are 32-bit, you will download the 32-bit software.

And if your PC and laptop are 64-bit, you will download the 64-bit software. Follow the instructions below, hopefully, you can easily use it for a lifetime.




Adobe Illustrator Installation Process

I think everyone who uses laptops and desktops, they can install software on desktops and laptops. So this Illustrator installation process is just like any other software.

Check out the screenshot below. Then, by entering the file location, clicking on the file, install your  Illustrator software as you would a normal software installation process.


Adobe Illustrator

I think, according to my instructions you are installing  Illustrator on your PC.

How to use Lifetime on your Adobe Illustrator PC

After installing this software on your PC, it is important to talk about how to use it live. First, you will turn off the net connection of your PC and laptop.

Then you will work according to the instructions. Please follow the screenshot I gave. Then you can do this very easily.


  1. First, enter the download file and you will see a file like this and copy that file.

adobe illustrator


2. Once the file is copied, access the C drive from your computer device. As per the instructions in the screenshot below.


adobe illustrator


3. Then click on this file again


adobe illustrator


4. Then click on this file again


5. Then click on this file again


adobe illustrator

6. Then click on this file again

adobe illustrator


7. Then click on this file again


adobe illustrator


7. Then click on this file again


adobe illustrator



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